About Kate Jones

I remember my grandmother playing the piano and singing when I was little, there was music all around me as I grew up and I soon began singing too!

I especially loved the Scottish and Irish music I heard around me.  I learned to play classical violin, but also enjoyed playing some of the Scottish tunes on my violin too!


I trained in Paris to be a physical theatre performer, but was told my talent lay more in directing.  I found that I enjoyed helping people to give their best performance.

It was while in Paris that I learned my first African song Mangwane Mpulele) and enjoyed the great jam session that followed!

I set up a theatre company in Birmingham UK and songs were often part of the performances - including one where the whole cast learned to sing in Chinese for a show of Chinese Folk tales.

Reiki came into my life not long after this and I found myself singing with the Reiki community I became involved with.  This connection between Reiki and singing continues.


 After moving to Shropshire I discovered Ludlow Larks community choir, led by Polly Bolton.  This was my first experience of a community choir and I loved it!  I found that I always felt better after a good sing, even if it had been really difficult to get out of the house on cold dark nights!

I also assisted Polly with another local choir: Tenbury Library Choir (affectionately known as TLC).

I'm grateful to Polly for being an inspiration and for encouraging me in my singing. And for her wonderful song writing!

I've been to several workshops with Nick Prater and it was during one of these that the idea of running my own choir was suggested.  Nick is also an inspiration to me and I'm grateful to him for his guidance and inspiration.  And for the wonderful songs!

  In 2016 I was selected to take part in the third round of training in Singing for Lung Health with the British Lung Foundation and sponsored to set up a group.  This gave me the opportunity to blend my two strands of singing and healing (I'm also a Reiki master) to support people in improving their well being.  I set up a group in Ludlow and subsequently was invited by Ruby Swift to take over her Singing for Lung Health group in Kidderminster.  The group is now called 'Singing Into Life'.

I love exploring singing and harmonies with groups of people who enjoy singing and those who are still finding their voice.  I'm grateful for all the help and support I've received over the years from choir members and other Natural Voice Practitioners and choir leaders.

I look forward to singing with you!