Sing, Laugh, Breathe 

Singing for health and well being

Community Choirs

and Singing for Lung Health Groups

Led by Song Leader Kate Jones,
a member of the Natural Voice Practitioner Network

 Community choirs in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Singing for Breathing in Ludlow and Kidderminster

"Favourite thing - I feel good afterwards"  "Everything very easy" 

"Discovering what my voice can do!"  "Keep going!"

"Neither of us thought we could sing but you've changed that"

"The class tutor handles the whole session with knowledge, helpfulness and humour. This is a very worthwhile class and I come away singing little ditties in my head."

New members always welcome

No auditions: Open to anyone who wants to sing and enjoy the wonder of singing in harmony with others.  

Sing Laugh Breathe choirs are informal, fun and friendly groups that welcome those who are hesitant about their singing as well as more experienced singers who want to sing for fun and enjoyment.

We will be singing songs  from around the world unaccompanied.  There's no need to read music as songs will be taught by ear.  It's all about enjoying your voice, the company of others and the connection singing together can bring. 

Sing - Singing is natural – people sing naturally all over the world and have done so for thousands of years instinctively. In a community choir it's not about “getting it right” or having a “good” voice.   More confident singers support less confident ones and together make a wonderful sound that everyone contributes to.  Each person’s voice is unique, so each person is respected in their uniqueness, welcomed and accepted

Laugh - A sense of connection and community is fostered through singing and laughing together.  We have a strict principle of not judging or criticising each other, so that we foster a trusting group where those less confident can flourish and everyone can relax and have fun. 

Breathe- When we sing the whole body is your instrument: tensions and stresses of daily life can create physical and emotional blocks, so we do breath and body work as a foundation for healthy voice use.  Singing encourages us to breathe more deeply, refreshing ourselves with more oxygen.  This is why singing can be so enlivening!

"It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world and at peace with myself"

Nelson Mandela

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